Summer Program

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Summer Program

01 July, 2022 to 30 September, 2022

EUR 595

C. de Méndez Núñez, 11, Madrid, MD

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You can choose between 1 month, 2 months or 3 summer months (July, August and/or September. If you choose two months they do not have to be consecutive)

- In July classes start on Monday 4th and end on Friday 29th

- In August classes start on Monday 1st and end on Friday 26th.

- In September classes start on Monday 5th and end on Friday 30th

Each day you will have 5 hours of class (at the time you have chosen, morning or afternoon). These 5 hours of class are divided into two sessions of 2h 30min each. In the first session you will work cast, still life or master copies and in the second session you will work figure or drawing with a life model.


You can choose between July, August and/or September:

- 1 month (100 hours for €595) July, August or September
- 2 months (200 hours for €1,190) do not have to be consecutive. It can be July and September.
- 3 months (300 hours for €1,785) July, August and September.