Weekend Workshop Foundation in oil painting (Part 1)

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Weekend Workshop Foundation in oil painting (Part 1)

16 December, 2022 to 18 December, 2022

EUR 250

Academy of Fine Art Germany
Im Atzelnest 3, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, 61352

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⇒ For beginners & advanced
⇒ Introduction to oil painting
⇒ Materials science
⇒ Workshop for employed people
⇒ Learn to paint realistic & professional

Fees and available dates
250 € (incl. VAT)
This is a 3-day weekend workshop. The schedule is Friday from 15 – 18 h, Saturday 09:30  – 12:30 h and Sunday 09:30  – 12:30 h.

Weekend-Workshop Foundation oil painting part 1: 16.12. – 18.12.2022

What will I learn?
Oil painting is a complex topic. That’s why we start with the basics in this workshop. During this weekend, you will first get to know the medium properly. This includes the correct handling of the materials, cleaning the brushes and palette, applying layers, the subject of painting grounds and the painting process in general. You will start with some easy exercises after this introduction. During this weekend you will work with a small palette (maximum three oil colours). Shortly you will realise it is so much fun to paint in oil. If you want to learn more, the weekend workshop foundations of oil painting part 2 is suitable. In this case, we will work with a larger palette, i.e. with more oil colours.

What will I need to bring?
First of all: curiosity and a good attitude. You will receive a list of materials via email after you register (If you don’t own any materials yet, the purchase costs are often slightly higher, as you invest in, for example, a palette, oil colours and brushes. These materials do not have to be bought again so quickly. The costs are therefore between 40 – 100 €.)