Classical Indirect Figure Painting

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Classical Indirect Figure Painting

10 July, 2017 to 11 September, 2017

USD 599

LAAFA Extension Classes
16926 Saticoy St, Los Angeles, CA 91406

Students will have 8 weeks to complete two figure paintings (4 weeks for each painting).  We will begin with the foundational underpainting technique of Imprimatura moving to an open grisaille and closed grisaille (or a more direct colored grisaille with the use of a limited palette if preferred). Students will be introduced to the second layer, The Piambura. Paintings will proceed to a final layer using velatura, glazing, and scumbling techniques. The cumulative body of knowledge in classical painting is based on a series of perceptual, conceptual and physical exercises. The aim of these exercises is to expand the students understanding of the figure visually, and as a living design—its structure, nature, character and the play of light upon it.