Color and Light Theory

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Color and Light Theory

11 July, 2017 to 12 September, 2017

USD 579

LAAFA Extension Classes
16926 Saticoy St, Los Angeles, CA 91406

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Students will learn how to mix color to achieve desired hue, saturation, and value. Students will work with Color Wheel systems. Students will also study the mixing of “strings” of paint to understand how a color can transition through a value scale or from one chroma to another chroma.

• Students will understand how to read and use a color wheel.
• Students will learn how to create color harmony.
• Students will learn how to use color strings.
• Students will learn how to mix paint for desired effect of saturation, value, and hue.

The class will be taught in oils, but I will also accommodate those who wish to work in gouache, acrylic or a digital medium.