Alla Prima with Felicia Forte

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Alla Prima with Felicia Forte

23 June, 2017 to 25 June, 2018

USD 565

Sadie Valeri Atelier
1045 17th St, SF, CA

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Alla Prima oil painting, or wet into wet, single session painting is a stimulating method which teaches you to be present in every brush stroke, focusing only on the essentials, ultimately giving you great dexterity and control. With demonstration and gentle critique, Felicia will challenge you to correctly observe and record the fundamentals: shapes, values, edges and color. In this workshop Felicia will combine portraiture, the subject that she was first interested in, and with which she gained her skill, with her current interests in still life, interiors and abstraction. 
Experience Level: Some experience with oil painting is highly recommended.
Materials: Not included: See materials list