Alla Prima Painting Painting

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Alla Prima Painting Painting

20 September, 2017 to 29 November, 2017

$399.00 USD

Studio Incamminati
340 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA

In this class the emphasis is on exploring in-depth concepts essential to mastering the technique of a direct (wet-on-wet) painting. Although the class is geared towards a portrait painting, the methodologies taught can be successfully utilized with any subject matter, style and medium. Students study all the stages of a painting process executing quick-sketch heads (one to two per class) and longer studies.

The course begins with duotone exercises. The focus is on studying structure and planes of the head in order to recognize and locate abstract shapes quickly and efficiently as students navigate the human head. The next set of exercises is done with use of a limited-color palette. Students build up special relationships of lights and darks and mid values, learn to recognize soft and hard edges and how to bring attention to the most important areas of the painting. As the class progresses, students utilize a full-color palette and search for abstract color shifts of a flesh and an environment under warm, cool and combined lighting. They also learn how to enhance colors of setups utilizing color gels and bring a painting to a complete statement with a painterly approach.

Instructions are given at the students' easels and through demonstrations. This class is designed for painters of all levels of experience.