Figure and Portrait Drawing Morning Class

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Figure and Portrait Drawing Morning Class

22 September, 2017 to 01 December, 2017

$399.00 USD

Studio Incamminati
340 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

The morning and afternoon class are complementary of each other. They are also progressive with each successive semester, meaning the instruction and content of the class continues with and builds on previous semester/s. Students have the option of signing up for either class and at the start of any semester. For questions, please email the instructor directly.

The focus of the classes is learning to draw the figure and portrait. Through repeated and various exercises and lectures given, students learn to obtain gesture, proportions, organize value relationships, develop structures and forms.

The semester begins with short gesture drawing. Students learn to see and draw freely and broadly in this exercise. As the semester progresses, the poses will become longer. The focus will then shift to constructing a figure/portrait drawing in a sequential and methodical way by analyzing information given and observation made under guidance. The progression of both classes is therefore from a more intuitive gestural way of drawing to a more accurate and analytical approach of constructing a 3-dimensional figure/portrait drawing.

Ultimately, the purpose of both classes is to assist students in developing critical thinking and technical skills required in drawing from the life model.