Jean Fouquet. The Diptych of Melun

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Jean Fouquet. The Diptych of Melun

15 September, 2017 to 01 July, 2018

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Matthäikirchplatz, Berlin, Berlin 10785

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The exhibition curated by Stephan Kemperdick will reunite all these fragments in the painting gallery for the first time in 80 years and thus restore the lost unity of a great work of art for a short time. The reunion of the two large, very well-preserved paintings, which has been planned several times over the past decades, but never achievable, can be regarded as a sensation and will become an unusual aesthetic experience.

Other selected objects outline the artistic context of the painter and illustrate his artistic foundations. In the first place is the portrait of the fool Gonella from Vienna, whose description has been discussed with Jean Fouquet for 40 years. It will be here for the first time ever to see Fouquets, in addition to secured main buildings. Further, the life-size portrait of the Guillaume Jouvenel of the Ursins, the only surviving leaf which Fouquet can without doubt be attributed. In addition to this is the portrait of Agnes Sorel, the beloved of the French king, whose copy is to be seen in the Madonna of the Diptych. Further paintings by Jan van Eyck,

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication that presents new researches on the work, its genesis and the artist. It contains essays by eleven international specialists, including the founder Etienne Chevalier and his patronage, Fouquet's painted architectures, the artistic sources of the painter and the technical features of his paintings and drawings.