Silver Shine

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Silver Shine

29 September, 2017 to 18 February, 2018

Landesmuseum Hannover Das Welten Museum
5 Willy-Brandt-Allee, Hannover, NDS 30169

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Wise and dignified 

Looking at old age is subject to the changing times, depending on the culture. So show antique portraits of philosophers and poets who portrayed as an older, more experienced men - age is equated with wisdom. In the Middle Ages, this was also transferred to the portrayal of saints. Since then, Peter, Paul and others have appeared as dignified aged figures, as role models for the faithful the age gives additional authority. 

Old and Young Generations

Not only the old man alone is a topic of art, the coexistence of the generations was also repeatedly put into the picture. From the holy clan to secular families, the motives are enough to address the origins, care, or passing on of experience. Touching memory pictures bear witness to the memory of deceased ancestors. 

Lies and Forgives Precariat

The positive pictures of old age have always been opposed by works that show that they are getting older than decay. Reproduction of the body is reflected, wrinkles are identified as a picture of ugliness. The 
taboo topic of sexuality in old age is also common, for example in the picture of the lustful old man. Sometimes with biting ridicule, sometimes as an admonition to the viewer, artists also describe the social 
decline and social exclusion of older people. 

Folded and multifaceted Variety

More than 120 exhibits, including top-notch loans from Rome, Chicago, Basel and Berlin, paint a multi-layered picture of old age - from age representations as the epitome of knowledge and power to thoughtful introspection in self-portraits of aging artists to current advertising campaigns that discover the generation 
60+ as a new motive as well as a potential buyer layer.