Academic Figure Painting and Portrait Painting

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Academic Figure Painting and Portrait Painting

17 September, 2017 to 30 March, 2018

Florence Academy of Art

Dates: March 11 - 16
March 18 - 23
March 25 - 30
Instructor: Jura Bedic
Credits: 1.0 per session
Time: Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm & 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Length 5.5 days per session
Location To be announced
Cost U.S. $ 1,375.00


Jura opens each session on Sunday afternoon before the course begins with an in depth explanation of the Florence Academy method, a technical demonstration on mixing colors, organizing the palette, and preparing mediums, and producing a painting from life. Students begin working on Monday, 6 hours daily, painting the figure in the morning and the portrait in the afternoon.

The daily session begins with a three hour Figure Painting class designed to strengthen the student’s visual relationship with three-dimensional form. Students use a limited palette, with its phenomenally broad range of color effects, to focus on color harmony and unity of light. Projects range from a three-hour color study to a long pose lasting three hours per day for several days to obtain a finished, accurate painting. Jura will paint alongside his students to provide a visual guide of the Florence Academy method.

In the afternoon, students return for Portrait Painting. In an atmospheric, north light environment, students learn the essential qualities of classical painting: accuracy, rhythm, light effect and the illusion of form and space. The class is designed to increase the level of accuracy, and fine tune the approach to painting from life in any student’s work, whether experienced or beginner. The gained knowledge and sensitivity is applicable to every form of artistic expression.

As a basis for observation and accurate measurement of the figure or portrait, students will be taught to use the sight-size method of measurement.

Instruction is on an individual basis, so students of all levels are welcome.

Students may attend one week or consecutive weeks. 30 hours per week full instruction in English or Italian. Students work from the live model six hours per day.