Sculpting the Portrait from Life

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Sculpting the Portrait from Life

19 February, 2018 to 02 March, 2018

USD 2025

Florence Academy of Art
7 Via Fratelli Bandiera, Firenze, Toscana 50137

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Regular demonstrations and individual critiques will guide students through basic and advanced concepts of the portrait, light and form, anatomical and proportional canons to support a visual understanding, analyzing depth and understanding contour movement in space.

Particular emphasis will be placed on developing a structured thought process for deconstructing visual information and creating a methodical approach for translating anatomical information accurately in clay. In this way, students will be guided through a comprehensive investigation of the human form and equipped with the tools to intelligently compose an accurate and convincing portrait in 3 dimensions.

Hours per activity:

2 day skull = 12 hours

5 day portrait = 30 hours

3 day casting = 24 hours (daily commitment may be from 9:00 till 18:00 or longer)