2018 ARA Boston Figure Painting Competition

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2018 ARA Boston Figure Painting Competition

30 July, 2018 to 03 August, 2018

ARA Boston
112 South St, Floor 4, Boston, MA

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During the 5 days of the competition, anyone is welcome to come by and see the progress at our Viewing Hours open to the public. 1:30 to 4:30 at the school.

At ARA, Boston our academic training allows us to render what we see to a great degree of truth. We are enthusiastic exponents of our atelier’s method and techniques. But too often, academicians fall in love with their skill to the detriment of their ideas. We begin to imitate the “heroes” of the past, not only in their style but in their antiquated subject matter.

2017 was a year of upheaval. A renewed political awareness led to massive protests not seen in decades. In Boston, the Women’s March filled the Common the day after the presidential inauguration. From #Metoo to Charlottesville, there is no doubt this is a time of change. There is a contentious dialogue taking place between pink pussyhats and Make America Great Again baseball caps.

The 2018 Boston Figure Painting Competition seeks to join that conversation.

This year's pose will be taken directly from a nineteenth century work by an academic master. It will be up to the competitors to give the pose a new context that will alter its original meaning and make it relevant to a contemporary audience.