Floral Painting with Carlo Russo

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Floral Painting with Carlo Russo

20 January, 2018 to 21 January, 2018

USD 399

Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art
340 North 12th Street, Suite 500, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Florals can be a daunting subject and we will try to make sense of the the beautiful forms which have fascinated and frustrated artists for centuries. Since flowers and plants tend to move from day to day and even hour to hour, students draw and paint directly on the canvas with the brush only. The focus is on capturing the essentials of the still life and finishing areas wet into wet. The instructor gives frequent demonstrations and critiques as the class explores the unique nature of flowers and plants in paint.

Day 1- Morning demo , students will arrange set ups and begin their painting

Day 2-Short demo, students will continue work on their painting

Carlo Russo, noted for his still life, figurative and landscapes, has exhibited his works in numerous galleries across the United States.

See Carlo's work at www.carlorussoart.com