Painting the Portrait with Kerry Dunn

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Painting the Portrait with Kerry Dunn

09 April, 2018 to 13 April, 2018

USD 550

The Greensburg Garden & Civic Center
951 Old Salem Road, Greensburg, PA

The purpose of this workshop is to study the building stages of creating a portrait painting from life. By following a basic process, we more closely examine each stage and its correlating visual principles.

Students work on two portrait paintings over this three-day workshop. The first days focus on drawing and proportions with a brown paint and then add fleshtones to build the planes of the head, features and practice modelling form. This will complete the first portrait exercise. The second day, students begin a two-day painting of a new model. The class begins the portrait in the same way, giving students an second chance to practice the method. Then, there is an extra day to develop the portrait, adding color which includes a basic color philosophy and how it relates to color in the fleshtones and surrounding objects such as clothing, hair and backdrop. Students also have an opportunity to further model form, develop the focal point and go about the finish pass. All stages are demonstrated by the instructor along with individual attention at each student’s easel. In addition, students study the use of edges, the concept of larger-to-smaller relationships, planar thinking, anatomical landmarks, the principles of light on form and paint handling.

Painting Demonstration Studio Incamminati alumni and Instructor Kerry Dunn conducts a three-hour demonstration Tuesday, April 10, 6–9 p.m. at the Greensburg Garden and Civic Center. The demo is free for workshop participants and $5 for the general public.

Kerry Dunn received the 2016 Portrait Society of America competition's Certificate of Excellence. In 2009, he earned a Portrait Society of America Certificate of Excellence. His works have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and hang in many collections.

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