Color Study with Still Life with Natalie Italiano

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Color Study with Still Life with Natalie Italiano

09 July, 2018 to 13 July, 2018

USD 599

Haines ANB/ANS Hall 111 First Ave. South
111 First Ave. South, Haines, AK

This workshop will focus on basic principles essential to creating a still life in full color. Inspired by the Impressionists use of color and developed by American artist Henry Hensche, “color study” is a method of studying color based on direct observation and understanding color as influenced by the light source.

Students begin with a series of painting exercises utilizing simple objects, and learn to see the impact of the light source, and its effect on local color, temperature, value and form. The concept of “color study” will be explored in depth with the use of a full palette and then applied to painting a more developed still life. The instructor will demo and discuss each concept, followed by exercises where students put these concepts into practice. During the last two days, students will paint a longer still life using native artifacts from the Tlingit tribe, provided by the Alaska Indian Arts in Haines, Alaska.

Studio Incamminati graduate and Teaching Fellow Natalie Italiano has won numerous awards including a 2009 Portrait Society of America Certificate of Excellence and had work accepted into The Oil Painters of America 2011 Eastern Regional Exhibition. In 2014, she was one of only three artists to receive Signature Status recognition from the Portrait Society of America honoring her dedication to the educational mission and high aesthetic standards of the Portrait Society of America. Her “Portraits of Promise” project features 100 alla prima portraits of American teenagers. Natalie, who studied under Nelson Shanks, holds a teaching certificate from Moore College of Art and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Studio Incamminati artist and instructor Natalie Italiano will conduct a three-hour painting demonstration Tues., July 10, from 6–9 p.m at the Sheldon Museum.
The demo is free to workshop participants and the general public.

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