Master Portrait Painting Instructor: Lea Colie Wight

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Master Portrait Painting Instructor: Lea Colie Wight

12 August, 2018 to 18 August, 2018

USD 599

Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art
340 North 12th Street, Suite 500, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

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This workshop will focus on the principles and practice essential to achieve a convincing, dimensional and well executed portrait in oils. These principles will be analyzed in a logical sequence beginning with block-in and continuing through fine tuning color and value. This is an information packed workshop geared to the experienced painter. The workshop will cover breaking down the painting process into stages and building the painting through awareness of main angles, masses, structure, anatomical landmarks, values and color relationships, edges and creating a focal point. Working with fabric will also be covered. The workshop will include a morning demo covering the day’s work. I anticipate scheduling two poses depending on the complexity of the chosen composition. This will allow the workshop students ample time to take a painting through the finishing stage.
Working with an awareness of stages and focusing on specific information necessary to each stage will allow the painter to be in control of their canvas.

Additional workshop event:
• Tuesday evening, Aug. 15 -  Portrait demo featuring Studio Incamminati faculty

• Free Studio Incamminati tote bag and baseball cap
• Certificate of Completion
• One month free access to the exclusve Studio Incamminati Online Art Resources digital library which includes Nelson Shanks demos and publications by renowned artists such as Jon deMartin. Access to the password-restricted gallery begins Aug. 15 and continues for 30 days

Studio Incamminati graduate and instructor Lea Colie Wightreceived a 2011 Certificate of Excellence and 2010 and 2009 Honor Awards from the Portrait Society of America. Lea was selected to teach at American Artist magazine's Weekend with the Masters Intensive: New York City and she was on the faculty of the 2012 and 2011 Portrait Society ofAmericafs annual conferences.

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