Figure Painting in Oil Workshop

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Figure Painting in Oil Workshop

08 January, 2018 to 12 January, 2018

EUR 570

Academy of Fine Art Germany
13 Daimlerstraße, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, HE

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For whom is the course?

It is suitable for beginners with first character skills and advanced, and especially popular for tattoo artists, illustrators, designers and pros for PC games and animation films in the character design field.

What do I learn in this course?

In this workshop, you will work the whole time from a real person. You can decide to draw with pencil or charcoal or to paint in oil. If you have never painted with oil, we recommend to draw.

Like our full-time students, you are working from a long-term pose. This means that the same model keeps the same pose the whole time (with breaks of course). This gives you the opportunity to draw or paint a detailed study in which you can also concentrate on details.

Our instructors will teach you how to use measurement methods to transfer a person with their correct proportions. How to get started and how to make the drawing or painting looks realistically will be the main themes in this workshop. After outlining the model and get the proportions correct, the participants will focus on the shadow shapes and lines. When you are working with oil you will then concentrate on mixing colours and make your values work together.

The one-day workshop will of course not go that much into details. The focus here is on capturing the model with correct proportions and working out the block shadow. The model will therefore take 2 - 3 different poses.

What do I have to bring?

When you are registering please inform us whether you will paint or draw from the model. The material you need to bring along can be seen here:

Material List Drawing
Material List Oil Painting

Further information:

The workshops takes place from a minimum of 5 participants to a maximum of 15.

You can find cheap accommodations here: Bad Homburg Tourism oder Airbnb