Basic Painting in Oil Workshop

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Basic Painting in Oil Workshop

15 January, 2018 to 19 January, 2018

EUR 504

Academy of Fine Art Germany
13 Daimlerstraße, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, HE

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For whom is the course?

It is suitable for beginners and advanced.

What do I learn in this course?

Here you will learn about the handling of oil paints. This includes topics like for example stretching a canvas correctly, priming it, how to produce your own oil colors and many more. Nowadays there are many different oil color manufacturers so we will talk about quality of paint and also about different medias and varnishes. Our teachers will show you how to deal with the different materials and give you the opportunity to try them out by yourself.

Other topics are brushes: what brushes do I use for what and which should really never be missing? As well as color theory: how do I mix my colors, for what and what is a value scale, how can I bring the right values together in the light and shadow aspects of a color?

How is the process?

In the field of oil painting there is infinitely much to learn and for sure it will take your whole life. Therefore we try to focus on some basic topics. In addition to the more theoretical part of the workshop, you will of course, also deepen what you learned by practice. The first 3 hours in the morning will always deal with the theory while the 3 hours after the break will be painting. Color theories are tested and implemented here.

In the one-day workshop, we will more concentrate on color theories and how to mix colors, use varnishes and mediums. Depending on the interest and status of the group, individual topics can be considered here.

What do I have to bring?

The materials to be brought along can be seen here:

Material List Oil Painting

Further information:

The workshops takes place from a minimum of 5 participants to a maximum of 15.

You can find cheap accommodations here: Bad Homburg Tourism oder Airbnb