Initiation Alla prima figure

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Initiation Alla prima figure

03 March, 2018 to 04 March, 2018

EUR 320

78, Rue Raspail, Bois-Combes, 92270

In this 2 day workshop, students will explore painting a single figure pose in an Alla Prima technique. The goal in this workshop will be to develop a sense of naturalism through proportion, structure and gesture, with the added components of a full color painting. Students will be encouraged to work directly on the canvas with charcoal or paint. Jessica will give demonstrations and discuss the painting process from start to finish, all levels are welcome.  Along with drawing concepts around line, shape, and rhythm and form, there will be discussions about the colors on Jessica‚Äôs palette and her systematic way to organize visual impressions of hue value and chroma to a concept that relates to her palette. Color theory topics surrounding form and zoning will be discussed to elevate sensitivity when translating our optical experience.