Rembrandt and His School

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Rembrandt and His School

22 April, 2019 to 26 April, 2019

CAN 650

Academy of Realist Art
2968 Dundas St W, Second Floor, Toronto, ON

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Most painters will, at some point, seek to study the work of Rembrandt. After all, since Rembrandt and his school were, more or less, responsible for rewriting the art and craft of oil painting in the 17th century and beyond, it is beneficial today for any artist to do a master copy from that period.

Rembrandt was a complete painter, fluidly employing methods ranging from classic indirect, to direct, and even to what can be likened to sculpting with paint. His approach was efficient yet endlessly expressive, without compromise of execution, nor of any principles of quality, craftsmanship, and draftsmanship.

Although recreating the specific techniques used by Rembrandt is not really possible, neither is it the goal of this workshop. Copying Rembrandt gives painters a deeper understanding of oil painting and its possibilities and further, and how it might impact their own work in the future.

We will have a number of high-quality reproductions available to choose from of Rembrandt head studies or portraits. Although the Rembrandt technique is not exactly duplicatable, there are definitely principles to follow. Students will be guided through a methodology to help them bring home their own Rembrandt copy.

Taught by Visiting Instructor Juan Carlos Martínez, this is a special opportunity to learn with this award-winning artist trained in the atelier tradition. Juan was a senior Instructor at ARA and taught with us for over 15 years. In addition to working on commissions, Juan has acquired an international reputation as an art educator. He has won several awards in the Art Renewal Center’s (ARC) Salon competition, as well as from the Portrait Society of America and the Portrait Society of Canada. Juan authored a popular six-part instructional series in International Artist Magazine entitled “The Academy Way” and has appeared on Bravo! TV’s “Star Portraits” program.