Mucha versus The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Mucha versus The Metropolitan Museum of Art

From Travis Louie

Published before 2005

[...] This image is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection, but hasn't been on display for a long time. It is listed as an oil painting from Alphonse Mucha (I didn't know it was an oil) I've seen it before in books and in stationary I purchased at the Strand book store on Broadway. Now why on Earth would a museum have this in their collection and not display it? I don't get it!

- Travis

An ARC correspondent replied:

Because they’re a bunch of pompous asses, who know best what we all should value. So they won’t take down one of the 18 Monets to hang a masterpiece by Lord Leighton that is in the pasement, even though they have nothing else by him hanging either.

Multiply that hundreds of times and the museum in storage is far greater than the one on their walls.