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1st Annual ARC Salon

The Art Renewal Center® takes great pride in presenting the winners of the First International ARC Salon® Competition.

Above all, the quality of the art and artists is beyond all of our highest expectations. No doubt that in just another few years, ARC's Living Masters® and ARC Approved Ateliers and Art Schools will be producing masters and masterpieces the likes of which the world hasn't seen in one hundred years.

There has been an overwhelming response to the competition, as the ARC received well over 1,100 entries from all over the world. From the USA to China, the very best artists from over a dozen countries have enthusiastically participated.

We are extremely pleased with the high quality of work submitted in this year's competition. So pleased in fact, that we felt there was a need to add additional awards to properly recognize so may talented artists. Three Chairman's Choice Awards and four ARC Staff Awards for a Figurative Work have been added. Also in addition, the allotted $10,000 for Purchase Awards has been well exceeded.

Along with the award winners, and in the great tradition of the original salon exhibitions of the past, we present to you the work of the top 100 finalists. Our esteemed judges have expressed that their final decision has in fact been a difficult one due to the exceptional quality of the artist's work. The panel of judges for this year's competition was comprised of noted artists, Allan Banks, Richard Whitney, and the ARC's Chairman, Fred Ross.

Next year we are commited to find suitable exhibition space in Manhattan for the 100 finalists, and we are strongly considering among other possibilities, the International Fine Arts Fair, or one of the preeminent galleries or museums in mid town.

On behalf of our Chairman, Fred Ross and everyone here at the Art Renewal Center a well-deserved congratulations is extended to all of our Award winners and participants. We thank them for their dedication to the upholding of artistic traditions and values sought by the ARC and wish them continued success in all their artistic endeavors.