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7th Annual ARC Salon

ARC is pleased to present the winners of the 7th Annual ARC Salon. Picking finalists this year was harder than ever and we are confident that our viewers will enjoy looking through the winners and finalists as much as we did. In fact, we were so impressed by the wide variety of works, that we have decided to add a few new awards to next year's salon such as: Most Beautiful, Best Social Satire, Best Portrait, Most Ambitious, and perhaps a few others. In total, our number of finalists is up 16% from last year.

Nothing says more about a culture then the art it idolizes. It represents what it values, what it thinks about, and essentially what it deems worth remembering. Art is the representation of a people, encapsulating its essence on every level. The artists participating in this competition are helping to bring the culture back to its most important root, its humanity.

Now that the Bouguereau Catalogue Raisonné has been published, we are refocusing our efforts on Contemporary Living Realism. We are at the dawn of a new stage in the art world. With more and more atelier schools popping up on the map, and a new generation of students becoming teachers, we are hitting a critical level where realism is once again permeating the art world on the walls of important galleries and museum exhibitions.

On this note, we are in the middle of revamping our Living Artist/Master section of the website in a way that will allow more artists to participate with ARC without sacrificing our high standards. We recommend all Salon Finalists to apply. In coordination with this, we will be introducing two new sections to the website. The first is a section dedicated to upcoming and current exhibitions where we will list not only Old Master and 19th Century exhibitions, but solo or group exhibitions of our living artists as well. The second section is a list of ARC Approved Galleries, who help represent our artists and high quality realism.

Kara Lysandra Ross
Chief Operating Officer, Art Renewal Center®