Brutal Light I by Lisyanet Rodriguez

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Lisyanet Rodriguez

Brutal Light I


180 x 150 cm | 70 3/4 x 59 in

Charcoal on primed canvas

  • Honorable Mention / Drawing

I'm interested in the idea of permanence and impermanence in life. My concerns delve into the human condition, it´s emotional nature and dynamics, passions and isolations. My drawings start from the contemplative imitation of reality to explore the passing time, to examine the complexity and fragility of nature. The Brutal light series is about physically aging. It is a series of portraits of an elderly woman who casts her gaze into the void, in an act that implies: dismay, search, doubt, silence, solitude; co-existing with individual loneliness and belonging at the same time. The works represent the unity of two opposites: absence and presence. A mixture of appearances, which make the ghostly invisibility of a presence or absence conclude in vigil.