Performance 3 by Matthew Bober

12th Annual ARC Salon (2016-2017)

Matthew Bober

Performance 3


91,44 x 101,6 cm | 36 x 40 in

Oil on canvas

  • Second Place ($1.000 Cash Award) / Still Life

“A lot of thought goes into the way objects interact in my paintings and I like to think of it as casting a play or theatre piece. Performance 3 is one in a series of large scale still lives designed around a prominent color. I'm attracted to high chroma colors as they bring more design and a pop art sense to my work, contrasting with the classical elements and style of my painting method. The plastic veil fills a similar purpose as it references the angular folds that I love in baroque and renaissance drapery depictions. Though filled with macabre elements, nothing is added frivolously. Everything is added for the emotion and tone they bring, working together to tell a specific harmonious story, yet remaining open for the experience and interpretation by the viewer.” – Matthew Bober