Miss by Mingyue Wang

12th Annual ARC Salon (2016-2017)

Mingyue Wang



160 x 125 cm | 62 3/4 x 49 in

Oil on linen

  • Honorable Mention / Figurative

There is an old saying in China, "different water and soil raise different people." That is to say different regions nourish  different people, nourish the different cultures to create a different way of life, and to produce a unique aesthetic value. I think there are two or more than two individuals in each person's body. In these individuals, because their source of life is different, the realm of life is not the same, so they see the truth of the world differently. Although they have the same body, the pursuit of happiness is different to each side of the individual’s personality. In the compositional development, I used the idea of a triangle formation to represent the different states of the same life. In the development of the background elements, I have used concise approximations and abstractness to give the impression of bamboo, though it is not bamboo and grass, though it is not quite grass. I want the viewer to feel that the subject is set in both a room as well as in open nature.