Wounded Faun by Maudie Brady

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Maudie Brady

Wounded Faun


100 x 80 x 60 cm | 39 1/4 x 31 1/4 x 23 1/2 in

Polymer resin and fiberglass with patina

  • Honorable Mention / Sculpture

Exhibited at the MEAM

“Wounded Faun is a piece I created over 10 weeks as part of my academic studies at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Working with the wonderful model, Rony, every day for three hours, I wanted to engage the viewer in a narrative inspired by Rony’s innate mischievousness, and decided early on that a Faun would work well with his character. In the end, it was not so much mischievousness that I was trying to express, but a feeling of overwhelming pain and tension. As the viewer becomes invested in this narrative, the feeling becomes finally one of sadness at the Faun’s fate. I’m very grateful to my teachers at FAA for their guidance with this project: Robert Bodem, Sanne Van Tongeren, Mitch Shea, Eudald De Juana Gorriz, and Simone Moritz…. Thank You!!” - Maudie Brady