Plunder of Organs Murder by Yeh Shang Ta

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Yeh Shang Ta

Plunder of Organs Murder


60 x 39.5 cm | 23 1/2 x 15 1/2 in

Pencil, charcoal, pen and ink

  • Best Social Commentary ($250 Cash Award)

I decided to create this work after learning of this real story. In mainland China, a female teacher was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned by police because of her faith/religion. During her imprisonment she experienced inhumane and brutal attacks such as electric shocks, rape and beatings. Though she was admitted to the hospital, her organs were later removed for illegal trade. This was not a random act but part of organized crime being committed on a large scale by officials with the collaboration of the military, the police, and various medical facilities. These horrendous activities began in 2000 and are continuing. The setting of the portrait was a mixture of an operating theatre and a torture chamber so the audience can get an idea of what this female teacher went through before her organs were taken. In the portrait, a large portion of "white" is concentrated on the teacher. Despite being distorted by the "black", the "white" manages to project upwards. The aura behind the head of the character symbolizes her firm belief to her faith and religion. The source of light on the top right corner represents illumination and the power of hope.