Annunciation by Kenneth Salaz

12th Annual ARC Salon (2016-2017)

Kenneth Salaz



81.28 × 121.92 cm | 32 × 48 in

Oil on linen

“I approached this landscape painting not in terms of a mirror reflection of the world around us, but rather as a psychological reflection on the real meaning of our possibilities here on earth. It is essential to take a moment and reflect and ponder, ‘What is the real meaning of my existence on earth?’ Close observation of nature can shed a new light on the question that applies to each human on earth. Somewhere in the thick woods of the Catskill Mountains, I encountered a sanctuary, a secluded cove, on a forgotten lake, where the rebirth of nature was taking place before my eyes.  The sun was emerging with renewed vigor, announcing the birth of the ‘Primavera’. The harshness of winter gave way to a new spring, pierced by the heated and glowing rays of Apollo.  How is it that nature performs this miracle of re-birth each year and yet we remain oblivious to its message?  Are we not ourselves, as men and women, capable of such a transcendent transformation? May the golden sunlight of spring pierce our hearts and urge each of us to seek our higher natures and live them daily, reverently, and boldly.” – Ken Salaz