Slumber by Tina Spratt

12th Annual ARC Salon (2016-2017)

Tina Spratt



30.48 × 60.96 cm | 12 × 24 in

Soft pastel

"I wanted to create the feeling of a fleeting moment in time, when unaware of being observed, there exists a naturalness and intimacy. The sleeping figure could move or open her eyes at any moment, and there is a voyeuristic feel to the painting. I frequently use fabrics in my work and the surrounding fabrics are beautiful in their own right. With a fascinating array of textures and subtle colors that enhance the overall mood of the piece, they also surround and almost cradle the figure, adding to the sense of intimacy and belonging. I hope to try and create paintings that are living and breathing with an honest, everyday beauty.” - Tina Spratt