Jewel of the Amazon by Stephen Jesic

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Stephen Jesic

Jewel of the Amazon


60.96 x 50.8 cm | 24 x 20 in

Acrylic on birch

  • Arcadia Contemporary Award
  • First Place ($2,250 Cash Award) / Animals

“Scarlet Macaws are considered the most magnificent bird of the parrot family. I researched the bird and its habitat wanting to design a painting which served it justice; showing the splendour of the bird surrounded by its natural habitat. After many days of reviewing my sketches and reference photos the design concept of Jewel of the Amazon was created. I wanted to capture the Macaw being the main motive with the habitat, creating an entry and exit for the viewer’s eye without being obvious and overpowering. The painting depicts a stunning Scarlet Macaw preening itself. It is perched on a secluded branch in the upper canopy. The interplay of the vibrant colours of the bird against the contrasting soft misty atmospheric perspective of the rainforest sets the scene. The owners of the painting hang it in a place of pride, viewing it daily. Each viewing giving them spiritual peace and serenity; a priceless compliment.” – Stephen Jesic