I am My Word by Nik Anikis

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Nik Anikis

I am My Word


70 x 50 cm | 27 1/2 x 19 1/2 in

Oil on canvas

  • Honorable Mention / Still Life

Exhibited at the MEAM

Exhibited at Salmagundi

I Am My Word is a still life painted in honor of all brave fireman that assisted, unconditionally, hundreds of people in need of help. The Fire Museum of Sevnica, where I come from, lent me a parade helmet, sword and a badge all from 1918 for the creation of this painting. This tenebrist still life is a metaphor for help coming from the darkness and for bringing help as well, symbolized by the light and dramatic color in the foreground. The light and dark contrast on the objects create a beautiful depth, from the background all the way to the written statement on the table. The letter in the foreground is an oath to people that Fireman gave when they decided on this path of help, a declaration of sacrifice, danger and risk. Even though these objects are Yugoslavian, the painting is an anthem to all brave men and women who gave their lives in sacrifice for others anywhere on Earth. I am grateful to the Fire Museum of Sevnica for their trust and support.” - Nik Anikis Skusek