Melancholia by Jason Brady

12th Annual ARC Salon (2016-2017)

Jason Brady



48.26 × 63.5 cm | 19 × 25 in

Charcoal and white chalk on paper

"We all wear masks throughout our lives. Sometimes they are donned as an unintentional reaction, other times it is a way to hide oneself or deceive others. There are times when the wearer identifies more with the mask and ends up believing one's own deception. A mask also serves as a symbol that transcends the individual making him into something more than he is, or lesser. In Melancholia, the figure separates himself from a dichotomous mask depicting the interlocking faces of tragedy and comedy. The mask that has defined him for so long is removed and offered away, while the man feels for the face that has been hidden. He feels just another mask, one of flesh. Clutching his jaw, searching for the edge, he desperately tries to peel it off. Perhaps there will always be a mask obscuring the true face of reality." - Jason Brady