Sparrow's Rest by Michael Dumas

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Michael Dumas

Sparrow's Rest


25.4 x 58.42 cm | 10 x 23 in

Oil on birch

  • Dual Category Awards

Exhibited at the MEAM

Exhibited at Salmagundi

"Every painting inevitably has something to do with the individual. It’s not simply about what is being depicted in and of itself. There are innumerable things one can choose to paint, that is, the objects themselves; but the underlying purpose of creating has to do with conveying something about why those objects inspire attention in the first place. I am very much attracted to things that express the simple harmony found in the everyday living of life. In a shed behind Bellamy’s Mill, two common house sparrows perch on a pile of flour sacks, their lives unnoticed by people passing by. Some areas of the cloth are ablaze in full sunlight, while others are only softly illuminated. The rest drop back into deep darkness. Oh, beautiful!" - Michael Dumas