Non-Fiction by Casey Childs

12th Annual ARC Salon (2016-2017)

Casey Childs



76.2 × 101.6 cm | 30 × 40 in

Oil on aluminum

  • Third Place ($500 Cash Award) / Figurative

"I think every person who has a love for the literary world can relate to this painting. Libraries are inspiring places that contain a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be explored. Many hours can be spent wandering through a sea of volumes of various shapes, sizes, and colors; up and down shelves, back and forth through stacks, searching for that perfect work. Sometimes the greatest joy is in the search. Looking for that one book that will entertain us, educate us, inspire us; a solitary task that can only be accomplished alone. And like a shining light, when that hidden gem is discovered, it is like we found a new friend." – Casey Childs