Composition study #1 for Prodigy

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Daniel Graves

21st Century Realist painter, artist and teacher

Composition study #1 for Prodigy

120 x 106 cms | 47 x 41 1/2 ins
Charcoal and chalk on paper mounted on panel

The visual arts, in this study, are represented by the three ?gures on the right side of the composition: painting, sculpture and architecture. The fourth ?gure (my self-portrait) represents a teacher. In order to continue the tradition, it must be taught, and therefore the ?gure of the teacher is present to emphasize the importance of passing along skills and knowledge to the next generation of artists.

A young prodigy assists in the construction of a 21st century monument to humanity. She presents her drawing, a phoenix, symbol of rebirth, to a studio of master artists. They turn to acknowledge the accomplished drawing of the student. This moment is chosen to illustrate the “continuum,” the passing of knowledge from master to student.