Illusion Partially Real

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Arina Gordienko

21st Century Realist

Illusion Partially Real

36 x 24 cms | 14 x 9 1/4 ins
Oil on Belgian linen

This painting is Finalist of the International Biennial of Portrait at the Wausau Museum of Modern Art, USA

Creating a new painting for me is a kind of a magical ritual, almost alchemy. I love to create in my works a mysterious and surreal atmosphere, something to guess about, something not direct but rather ephemeral and uncertain. I am trying to capture and visually express a quintessence of humans’ emotions and feelings, often on a border of their capacity of perception; a pure essence of human’s soul and hidden deep inner content. I perceive my paintings as an attempt to visually portray some fleeting and contradictive humans’ soul movements and intentions, some transient and momentary expressions of the humans’ eyes that I can catch up, if I am lucky. The fragile magic of life mesmerises me. I see humans’ souls as fragile lights of fireflies in the dark - it is so easy to break this light. And if I am able, as an artist, to convey this light onto my paintings, maybe I am keeping and increasing the wonder of this light in the world? Painting for me is something vital and absolutely essential, something I cannot live and breathe without.