Poor Yet Rich

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Therese Schwartze


Poor Yet Rich

160 x 110 cms | 62 3/4 x 43 1/4 ins
Oil on canvas

Besides producing portraits on commission, Schwartze also made genre paintings for the free market. Some critics claimed she was incapable of depicting ordinary people, "infected" as she was by her constant association with the wealthy: "the painter claimed to be depicting a fishwife in Scheveningen, but in reality it was just another gentlewoman. Just look at those carefully manicured hands with the tapering nails, and as for that little girl beside her - Come now! It's perfectly obvious that the child doesn't even enjoy dressing up, she's itching to get back into her own nice clothes, afraid that her hands might get dirty!" wrote a critic in the Algemeen Handelsblad of April 13, 1890.

- Cora Hollema