The orphan of heart

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Alain Amar

21st Century Realist

The orphan of heart

The orphan of heart

60 x 50 x 3 cms | 23 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 1 ins
Oil on wood

The orphan of heart, The night of the abandonment.

The orphan of heart is a symbolic painting that evokes the drama of betrayal and abandonment. The betrayed and abandoned soul is overwhelmed by the black water of despair. The red cloth evokes the pain of the soul which, in resentment, is like a wounded, bloodied body. The red rose refers to the lost of love, the passion disappointed.
The white rose refers to damaged purity and altered innocence.
The Black rocks evoke disappointments, regrets, words that hurt. They form a barrier that seems impossible to move, that blocks the way to light, the path to hope.
From the poem « Lente dérive » « slow drift »
« La lente dérive des mots blessant enlace le visage du temps passé innondé par l'eau noire des regrets languissants »
« The slow drift of hurtful words embraces the face of past time inundated by the black water of languishing regrets. »

However, on the horizon there remains a cold, distant, twilight light, which foreshadows a possible hope, a possible rebirth.

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