We the Peop...are getting screwed

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Charles Kapsner


We the Peop...are getting screwed

40.6 x 50.8 cms | 16 x 20 ins
Oil on panel

In nations of culture, artists are considered the watchdogs of consciousness. With that said, still life painting is a great format to utilize in this discourse. The title of this painting reflects a very tainted atmosphere in our country today; there is truly a lot of frustration in the mind of the public. Let us take a little journey and adventure with the visual imagery of this piece. It all started with the fact that I wanted to use the American flag in a painting, since I really love painting drapery, there are infinite possibilities with the forms, patterns, color, and light. Next what to say and what objects would I use to tell the story, and what was going to be conveyed to the viewer? As it turns out there had been a few potatoes that had been sitting in our kitchen for some time—and rather apparent in viewing their condition. Potatoes take a long time to rot, unlike tomatoes. In the course of their decay they grow long stems or short odd flowery shapes. In short there are a lot of tangible extensions clinging to the main body: politicians who stay in office too long become attached to varied interests that don`t necessarily have the general public in mind. We certainly have seen that in action with the inability of Congress to get anything done, as it relates to the betterment of the country. We see both parties being represented with their respective symbolic animals, the elephant trumpeting its trunk, the donkey seemingly indifferent to the issues at hand. This can go either way in the gridlock seen in our government. You will notice the little deposit behind the both of them—not an actual deposit from the F.D.l.C., but one that l found outside on my driveway. I gently scooped it up, then varnished it to be included to comment on the massive amount of BS that “We the people” have to put up with every day. There seems be no escape from any of this because of the media with its 24 hour news cycle and the media malpractice that goes with it. With all of that, we with some history harken back to the good old days: 'I LIKE IKE'.