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01 August, 2020 to 21 December, 2020

Online Exclusive

ARCALM Arina Gordienko participates in the 'Ambivalnce' Online Exclusive exhibition curated by Carol Hodes.

Arina exhibitis her painting 'Woman-1', oil on Belgian linen, 40" x 30"

Link to the exhibition:


““Human nature and the human condition has always interested me greatly as I studied Psychology and have always sensed the inherent duality in people and their behaviour. The idea that we all have some or other ambivalence towards life, objects, people, emotionally and spiritually. The tiny voice that makes us question why we feel the way that we do. This ambivalence could have accompanied us from our youth and formed our characters unknowingly. It could have created the ethos by which we live or made us doubt what we see, read or experience.The uncertainties we experience or the contradictory ideas that beset us, ultimately to become the people that we are. It is the positive and negative that we feel towards something or someone that causes us to act in a myriad of ways. It can also be to our detriment as it speaks of mixed emotions which are difficult to control.I think, not being a creative person myself, I have often looked at an artwork and wondered how the artist might have struggled to convey what they really intend to. ””

— Carol Hodes