Composition and Color in Still Life for Art Educators

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Composition and Color in Still Life for Art Educators

21 June, 2021 to 25 June, 2021

USD 550

Studio Incamminati
1901 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148

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Instructor: Natalie Italiano
Location: Studio Incamminati
Date: June 21 — 25 2021
Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Cost: $350 for art educators ($550 regular admission)

This workshop will focus on basic principles essential to creating a still life painting from life. Beginning with a series of black and white “Notan” studies, students explore the composition of their own still life set up with simplified values. Concepts dealing with design, light, color and form will be studied. The Instructor will lecture, demo and discuss new concepts each morning. Students put these concepts into practice with exercises each day, based on still life set ups they create in their home studios. During the last two days of the workshop, students paint one still life combining concepts studied the first three days. Experienced students may choose to work on a longer still life painting preceded by studies under the instructor’s guidance.

Daily slideshows will consider composition through examining the history of still life and consider ideas of arts educators including John Wesley Dow, Johannes Itten, Albert Munsell and Henry Hensche. Students of all levels are welcome to attend. This workshop appropriate for both art educators and students interested in an introduction to the Studio Incamminati curriculum. Paintings and studies will be done from life.

The content of this workshop meets the standards for the National Art Education Association, and offers Act 48 credits for the state of Pennsylvania. All levels of artists are welcome to attend; the workshop is not limited to educators.

If you are elligible for the Art Educator discount, please call 215-592-7910 or email