Online Portrait Painting EU Hours

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Online Portrait Painting EU Hours

11 May, 2020 to 15 May, 2020

USD 40

Online Portrait Painting (EU hours)

Dates: Six Mondays, May 11 - June 15

Time: 7:00am - 11:30am US Central Time [2:00pm - 6:30pm CEST], with a half hour break in the middle (tentative)

Cost: $40 per day

In this class we will go through the process of building a portrait first in charcoal, then in paint. We will focus on structure and anatomy while in the drawing stage, and then once we begin painting, we will use a grisaille palette (white, brown, and black) to further explore using naturalistic values in paint without worrying about color. Though the class will have an online format, Richard will work from the same reference alongside the students, walking them through the whole process.

To register, or to receive more information, contact Richard directly at