Still Life Painting

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Still Life Painting

29 June, 2020 to 03 July, 2020

EUR 710

The Swedish Academy of Realist Art
17 Lilla Norregatan, 272 31 Simrishamn, Simrishamn, Skåne län

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Still life painting is one of the core components of a classical painters training. Students will be guided through the different stages of creating a still life painting from setting up the composition and blocking it in, all the way to completion. Students will also get an insight into accuracy in drawing and how to create a real sense of form and depth through correct values and modeling. Color theory and pigments will be discussed as well as mediums.  The teacher will give individual and group critiques, as well as hands-on instruction and demonstrations.

Teacher: Sanna Tomac

Comment from student Summer Workshop 2019:

"If you want to paint realistic art, The Swedish Academy of Realist Art" is the right place to receive teaching. You will be guided all the way through Sanna Tomac, and get the old techniques in the oil painting "given" so you take home an understanding of this amazing "craft" and this fine art form.

A wonderful learning experience."


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