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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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Lord Frederick
English painter, sculptor, illustrator & writer
born 1830- died 1896

Born in: Scarborough (England)
Died in: Greater London (England)


Student of:
Edward von Steinle (1810-1886)

Teacher of:

Mentor to:
Alfred Gilbert (1854-1934), Charles Edward Perugini (1839-1918)

Patron of:
Walter Crane (1845-1915), Alfred Gilbert (1854-1934)

Associate member of:
The Royal Academy of Art

Full member of:
The Royal Academy of Art

President of:
The Royal Academy of Art

Member of:
Hogarth Club

The Bath of Psyche

Oil on canvas
189.2 x 62.2 cm
(74.49" x 24.49")
Tate Gallery (London, United Kingdom)

Added: 2002-09-07

Oil on canvas
145.4 x 81 cm
(57.24" x 31.89")
Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia)

Added: 2002-09-07

Oil on canvas
76.5 x 64 cm
(30.12" x 25.2")
Private collection

Added: 2001-09-23
Jonathan's Token to David

Oil on canvas
171.5 x 124.5 cm
(67.52" x 49.02")
Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)

Added: 2002-08-22
May Sartoris

Oil on canvas
152.1 x 90.2 cm
(59.88" x 35.51")
Kimbell Art Museum (Fort Worth, Texas, United States)

Added: 2002-08-22
At the Fountain

Oil on canvas
127.6 x 95.3 cm
(50.24" x 37.52")
Layton Art Collection, Milwaukee Art Museum

Added: 2002-09-07

Contemporary Comment from Private Views in the Artists' Studios - 1892:

[The painting] shows us a young, pure, and tender girl, "in the maiden meditation, fancy free." Here the tones are limpid and soft, a delicate colour predominating. The sky is of a beautiful light-blue colour; the cool whiteness of the marble is accentuated by the fresh running water; and the palest of pale lemons hang on the wall.

Source: Victorian Art in Great Britain.

Perseus on Pegasus Hastening to the Rescue of Andromeda

Oil on canvas

Leicesetershire Museums, Arts and Records Service

Added: 2001-09-19
Perseus and Andromeda

Oil on canvas
235 x 129.3 cm
(92.52" x 50.91")
Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

Added: 2002-09-07
Dante in Exile

Oil on canvas
152.5 x 254 cm
(60.04" x 100")
Private collection

Added: 2001-09-18

Oil on canvas
Private collection

Added: 2001-09-19