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Weekend with the Masters

Hind's Feet
by Daniel Gerhartz

Workshops and Conference:

Click here for the list of instructors, which includes several ARC Living Masters and ARC Salon winners.

The Weekend at the Masters Workshops and Conference, sponsored by American Artist
provides artists and art collectors who are passionate about traditional fine art the opportunity to study and interact with some of today’s foremost representational painters, through workshops, demonstrations, panel discussions and special presentations.

Posted Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Thanks, Mr. Ross, for the Inspiration.

Good morning Fred.

I just posted on my facebook page your Portrait Society speech a number of years ago on academic art and relevance. It stirred up some great debate and today I reread the speech and it felt as inspiring as I remembered. When I originally read the speech years ago I was in a sort of limbo in my career. I was an aspiring traditional figurative artist that just graduated from college where I was told not to paint this way or I’ll never have a career. It was hard to shake all the nonsense but after years of listening to my heart, along with this speech being the final blow, I find myself empowered as a traditional artist today and accomplishing all I set out to do in this profession. All I wish to convey is a thanks to you for the inspiration.

Eric Armusik
[Eric Armusik won a Chairman's Choice Award the International 2009-2010 ARC Salon™]

Posted Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Fall Classes at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia

Fall 2010 Evening/Weekend Programs at Arc Approved™ Studio Incamminati

Nelson Shanks, founder and artistic director

Sculpture by Amy Kann

Painting by Kerry Dunn
Save $50. Register by September 6th.
Website: or Phone: 215-592-7910.
Posted Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Art Student and Scholarship Recipient Writes

Dear Mr. Ross,

You gave an excellent speech last night, thank you! Even though I was near the back I could still hear you, so don’t worry. I hope you will post your speech on the ARC website so more can see the association between the 19th century themes on the importance of art depicting all of humanity, not just the well-off, and how this was shown last night in the midst of a confused art world. It was shown in a respectful, tasteful manner, with integrity and purpose. I hope to see much more of this type of compassion and human connection in the work that follows these artist, from those of us who are still emerging with ideas and messages of truth.

We met last night after the panel discussion, I introduced myself and thanked you for the scholarship. I was a pleasure to be able to do that in person, and I want to relay to you how huge that was for me- being able to take these workshops at the GCA has done wonders to round out my Angel Academy education. Without this money, I would never have even considered the possibility of continuing my studies due to the expenses, it’s simply not possible.

John Angel made a suggestion for the use of the leftover scholarship money, and so I wanted to ask you personally if it could help pay for a painting of mine that was returned from Florence this past week. It cost me over $500 in shipping. I know that this money is given in order to help finance the studies of those unable to afford it, and this would greatly help me have one less worry.

Thank you again- your endeavors are becoming so strong, with a current flowing with and behind you. Because of this, I have so much hope for the future of art and my personal addition to this human community. Thank you.

Christina Grace Mastrangelo

Christina Grace Mastrangelo
Fine Artist & Teacher

Posted Thursday, August 12th, 2010

ARC Approved™ BFA Degree and Certificate Programs Accepting Full-time and Part-time Students

LAAFA Foyer with Cluster by Eric Pedersen
Fall Workshops: Ryan Brown, Jordu Schell, Nathan Fowkes, Sherrie McGraw
ARC Approved™ LAAFA Atelier BFA Degree and Certificate Program offer strong, sequential curriculum designed to cultivate observation imagination and sound craftsmanship through figurative study. Applications are being accepted on a rolling admissions basis until the quarter begins October 4th.
For more info: Email: or Phone: 818-708-9232.
Click here for LAAFA Highlights including:
Post Graduation Portfolio Quarter- Graduates:free classes for one quarter after graduation for graduating students' professional portfolio work and finding a job.
Mentoring Program- Students: work with an artist of their choosing to further develop the personal direction of their art.
Cadaver studies- BFA and Certificate program students have a unique opportunity to study anatomy with cadavers.
Find news of LAAFA and their B.F.A. Program: LAAFA Blog or become a Fan on Facebook.
Posted Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

ARC Approved™ ARA Opens in Portugal
After many months of preparation, cross-Atlantic travels, and visits
from dignitaries and art lovers, ARC Approved™ Academy of Realist Art officially opened in Portugal on June 20.

Fernando Freitas traveled to Portugal for the opening ceremonies, which were attended by Azores President Carlos Manuel Martins do Vale Cesar.
Starting August 16: 6-day Old Master Painting workshop
Upcoming 2010 workshops include an introduction to the Bargue program, and Portrait Drawing and Painting. Look for announcements re: upcoming workshops.
Meanwhile, ARC students are making a name for themselves on the international front:
hummingbird by Imam Azhari
Zig Zag
by Imam Azhari
Best in Show award
Richeson 75 Still Life & Floral 2010 Awards
Richeson Art Gallery
Kimberly, Wisconsin.
Captain's Journey by Marcelle Turenne has been selected for the Aviation Paintings of the Year show at the Mall Galleries near Trafalgar Square, London, UK July 19-25.
Morris Piccone's Dusk Canoe Lake is currently at McMichael Gallery&39;s "Progression" exhibition until September 2010. His Lake Kashagawigamog is a featured work from the Advanced Individual Studies Program of the Haliburton School of the Arts.
ARA instructors Fernando Freitas and Juan Martinez were both selected for the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival's "Canadian Masters Exhibit" in Ontario, August 12-15, featuring many of North America's leading artists.
Posted Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Letter from an Art Student

Dear Chairman of Art Renewal Center,

I’m currently a student of an art college and read your speech Good Art/Bad Art: Pulling Back the Curtain and I can’t help but agree with what you said. I’ve been through my share of art history classes and I could never understand why the modernists were so great when their work looked like the students in an art school who have no interest in art (we call them “filler students”). Although I may be among the few in my school to work in a classical way, most of the students I’ve met and seen prefer realism than contemporary, abstract, modernism, or whatever you call it.

Thanks for making things clear for me.

Brian Lei

If you’re interested in my paintings…

Posted Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Ribbons and Laces for Very Pretty Faces, 1904 by Edmund Blair Leighton

A new artwork has been added to the Edmund Blair Leighton Gallery on ARC.

Ribbons and Laces for Very Pretty Faces, 1904 is now heading the E. B. Leighton Gallery, courtesy of Kara Ross with commentary by Kara Ross, ARC Director of Operations, who is researching and writing the Catalogue Raisonné on Edmund Blair Leighton.

Ribbons and Laces for Very Pretty Faces 1904
by Edumund Blair Leighton
Posted Thursday, August 5th, 2010

ARC Master™ Mario Robinson Joins American Masters in Group Exhibit

Peachtree and Pine
A new painting by
Mario Robinson

ARC Living Master™ Mario Robinson joins Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, John Singer Sargent, Stephen Scott Young, and Norman Rockwell among others in The Portrait in American Realism, a Group exhibition at Haynes Galleries in Thomaston, Maine.
The public is invited to attend the opening reception Friday, July 30 at 91 Main St./Route 1.

"It is a distinct pleasure to for my work to hang among such great American masters." says Mr. Robinson. For more information, please click here.

Robinson is represented with four pieces at the Hard Times Exhibit at the Salmagundi Club in New York City where ARC Chairman Fred Ross spoke on July 29.

Posted Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010