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If you would like to help your company/business and also donate to a charitable cause, please support ARC by becoming an ARC Sponsor.

We are a 501(C)(3) educational foundation, dedicated to the renewal and appreciation of traditional art and training techniques.

We have a targeted audience of artists, galleries, collectors, and art-lovers, and are in the top 1% of websites for time spent per visit. Because we are dedicated to traditional art, we choose not to display advertisements for companies, artists, or galleries that are antithetical to our cause.* 

If you are an artist who would like to take out a advertisement to show off your work, or an art school looking to fill class space, we request that you first become an ARC approved school or artist. You can view the details on becoming an approved atelier by clicking here, or an ARC Artist by clicking here.

Ads can be purchased for the below donation amounts:

ARC Approved Artists and Ateliers

$190 for one blog/social media/newflsh post

For galleries and other commercial businesses

$300 for one blog/social media/newsflash post



If you would like to run one or multiple ads, please contact Yvette Lytle at Yvette.Lytle@artrenewal.org for assistance. We require that you provide us with the ad at specified pixel sizes, however, we can create one for you for an additional charge.

* Although ARC does its best to screen its sponsors for appropriate content, we do not necessarily endorse the products, services or entities offered by those who choose to donate or advertise on the Art Renewal Center®.