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Two New Articles by ARC Director of Operations Kara Lysandra Ross
Two New Articles by ARC Director of Operations Kara Lysandra Ross are available at the Epoch Times.

The Contemporary Realist Movement

adam The term, “Contemporary Art,” has long been associated with the Modernist and Post Modernist Movements because at the time they were created the words “contemporary art” or “modern art” also meant the art of today.
However, these movements started several decades ago and today the terms have become deceptive as a new movement of living artists is taking back the word contemporary and associating it with the traditional techniques of the old masters applied to the human experience as well as important subjects of the times. The general public is growing tired of art that needs long explanations and justifications and more and more people want to recognize what they are looking at and respond to it on a humanist level rather than a purely conceptual one…

William Bouguereau and his Religious Works

William Bouguereau (1825-1905), although well known for his paintings of peasant girls and mythological scenes, has also become one of the most beloved religious painters of all time. As a devout catholic, Bouguereau, as so many other religious painters, viewed his work as a form of worship both of God and of his most beloved creation, mankind. Bouguereau’s love of Christ can be clearly seen in his religious paintings for which he took no short cuts and spared no time and dedication in creating… time
Posted Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

ARC Living Master™ Max Ginsburg Gallery and Workshops
ARC is pleased to announce ARC Living Master™ Max Ginsburg’s gallery and workshop page.

Peace March by Max Ginsburg

Max Ginsburg is a New York artist whose paintings are extremely realistic in form and content. His paintings explore the range of daily human life, concerned as much with life’s ironies and social injustices, as with its many joys. Issues of war and peace, racism and the inhumanity of man have been a major focus in his art.

Click here to see the Max Ginsburg Gallery.

To view Max Ginsburg’s workshops, click here.

Posted Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Academy of Realist Art Announces First UK Workshop
In response to international demand, ARC-approved atelier the Academy of Realist Art is pleased to announce its first UK workshop. Senior Instructor Fernando Freitas will be conducting a seven-day Bargue Drawing course from February 20 to 25, 2012 at The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, London. This workshop is designed to appeal to all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced.

The Charles Bargue Drawing course was developed and widely applied in the mid 19th century as a foundation exercise for fine art training. Throughout the years it has been used by many great masters as an essential process in understanding the principles of shape, proportion, value and form.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn the original Bargue method from a world-renowned instructor in old master techniques. For information or to register, visit or contact Ewan McNaughton at
Posted Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

2011 ARC Scholarship Competition Winners
Mavis by Richard Greathouse

The Art Renewal Center (ARC) has been experiencing unprecedented success. As those familiar with the ARC and its mission know, the organization is involved in numerous projects, all in support of a return to an appreciation of great and enduring art, to humanist values in the visual arts, and to academic art education. At ARC we view our Scholarship program as one of the most important. In order for future generations to produce great art, we must not lose the accumulated knowledge of the last several centuries. At our Approved atelier schools, we know these methods are still taught by some of the greatest artists alive today and the students who are the recipients of these scholarships will receive the training necessary to create great works of art and carry the knowledge to the next generation.

To view the winners of the 2011 ARC Scholarship Competition, please click here.

Posted Monday, December 19th, 2011

New Article on ARC
E. Blair Leighton: The Prominent Outsider, by ARC Director of Operations Kara Lysandra Ross is now available on the ARC website.

Despite his relative anonymity within a historical period still being rediscovered, Blair Leighton’s compelling images have worked their way into the living day psyche, impacting our perceptions and understandings of romance, chivalry, and the medieval era.

To read the article click here.

breath of heaven
Posted Friday, December 16th, 2011

ARC Living Master™ Cesar Santos – New Image Gallery and Exhibition


Nude with Glasses and Goatee
by Cesar Santos

ARC is happy to announce the addition of all new images in ARC Living Master™ Cesar Santos’ gallery!

Santos studied at Miami Dade College and the New World School of the Arts before travelling to Florence, where he trained at the Angel Academy of Art under the tutelage of Michael John Angel, a student of Pietro Annigoni. He returned to Miami, where he developed his philosophy of marrying both the classical and the modern juxtaposed within one painting. With superb technique, he infuses a harmony between the natural and the conceptual to create works that are provocative and dramatic. He has been the recipient of numerous accolades including a first place award from a competition sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

To view his new image gallery click here.

In addition, a solo show of his work in being held at the National Gallery of Costa Rica, which will run through January 5th, 2012.

To view more on this exhibitions and others, please click here.

Posted Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Enter the 2011/2012 International Salon
We are now accepting entries for the Art Renewal Center 2011/2012 International Salon Competition. This year we are offering the largest cash amount ever in awards totaling an unprecedented $50,000. Participants can compete and win in 6 categories: Figurative, Landscape, Animals, Still life, Sculpture, and Drawing.

This year we are also introducing 5 NEW awards designed to encourage creativity and ambition in the arts: Most Creative, Best Social Commentary, Best Portrait, Most Ambitious Work, and Best Trompe L’oeil.

As usual, award winners and finalists will be featured on the Art Renewal Center’s website and in our full color catalog.

Please try our NEW application process and be sure to contact if you encounter any technical issues!

Please Note: You must be at least a free registered ARC member to apply for the salon because we need your information. Please click here and follow the prompts to either sign in or create a membership to apply for the salon.

Posted Friday, December 9th, 2011

Congratulations to Mary Jane Q Cross
Last week at the National Arts Club in NYC, Associate Living Master Mary Jane Q Cross’s work “Breath of Heaven”, was included in the Allied Artists of America catalog as receiving the Florence and Ernst Thorne Thompson Memorial Award. In addition, her work is currently on view in two shows at Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington VT, which will be up through the 18th of this month.

To view more on these exhibitions and others, please click here.

breath of heaven
Posted Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

2011 NTDTV 3rd Chinese International Figure Painting Competition Award Ceremony


Chairman Fred Ross was one of three speakers for the 2011 NTDTV 3rd Chinese International Figure Painting Competition Award Ceremony at the Salmagundi Art Club, New York, NY last night. It is wonderful to see that there are many organizations in America and overseas dedicated to return art to its rightful path.

“This greatest of all art scams needed the wealthy and cynical to buy into their prospectus. Even the art departments at the colleges and universities started singing the same song which was now at the peak of fashion.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of colleges didn’t have art departments prior to 1950. When those art departments were formed it was at a time when Modernism was in full force educating students to this mindset in droves and still do to this day.

To this end they invented their own art history, and made up events that never actually happened, creating a history and mythology orchestrated by highly articulate verbal craftsmen whose skill with language to turn a word or develop disingenuous ideas, ordained their new paradigm with its own language…a language which many of us call ‘art-speak’ .”

- Fred Ross

For video coverage of this event, please click here.

To read the Epoch Times article, please click here.

To see the NTDTV news report of the event, please click here.

To read the full speech in our Philosophy section, please click here.

Posted Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

#5 Top Selling Art Book


Lessons in Classical Drawing by Juliette Aristides, according to Bookscan, which measures point of sale data at reporting book retailers, is the #5 top selling art book as of last week.

We at ARC feel this shows a global shift towards a re-appreciation of technical drawing and painting, and are encouraged that so many artists want to learn traditional methods. The book also includes a DVD which eliminates some of the gaps that come from working primarily from books.

The book is now available in the ARC Store for purchase. In addition, Juliette has graciously donated the section on negative space to be published in our technical article section for those who cannot afford formal training.

To view more on this publication or to order the book, please click here.

Posted Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Atelier School of Classical Realism Open House
David Hardy, ARC Living Master, and students of his Atelier School of Classical Realism in Oakland, California, will participate with an Open House display and exhibition Friday, December 2 from 6 to 9 in the evening as part of the Walkaround neighborhood celebration held twice each year.
tryst nautical
The Atelier, located at 4920 Telegraph Avenue in the Temescal sector of north Oakland, is noted for specializing in Old Master Baroque technology of layered glazing procedures and offering one of the most complete studies of color temperature description of lighting being offered today. Small classes are maintained in a congenial atmosphere, encouraging satifying accomplishment.
Posted Thursday, December 1st, 2011