New ARC Living Artist™

ARC is pleased to welcome Svetlana Kanyo as our newest ARC Living Artist™.

Lemons by Svetlana Kanyo
Svetlana believes that human experience and emotions are most naturally and profoundly expressed through art. A work of art can capture all of the beauty and pain of life, and hold onto it. For her, art brings personal growth: “I can step back from my creation and uncover deeper layers of myself. This expanded vision inspires my future work and my teaching. If a viewer can identify him or herself, or make a connection with my art, then the viewer can believe that what is felt is real and justified. Art brings faith, and faith is what we all are searching for. Through art, people find their own inner peace and envision or become aware of a better place for themselves in this world.”
To view her gallery on ARC, please click here.

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