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Nymphs and Satyr, by William Bouguereau (Detail)
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Daniel Gerhartz

Hind's Feet
by ARC Living Master™
Daniel Gerhartz
ARTIST APPLICATIONS: The Art Renewal Center is now accepting applications from artists who are dedicated to the realist tradition for possible inclusion in ARC's Living Masters™ Gallery. If you are interested in becoming a member of one of the largest realist art foundations and would like to have your work seen by millions of yearly visitors, who are targeted art lovers, gallery owners and museum curators, ARC is now ready to review your work. Click here for more information and an application.Questions regarding this application may be directed to Kara Ross at kara.ross@artrenewal.org [ MSWord | PDF ]

For All other Inquiries Click Here to Contact Us

"After nearly 100 years of oppression, finally artists who believe in the Realist tradition have a champion and a home."

The Art Renewal Center has pulled together an energetic, optimistic and brilliantly talented base of artists, many who run our ARC Approved™ Ateliers and devotedly paint their hearts out. As true masters in the visual arts, they are training and inspiring the next generation of artists, scholars and teachers, to protect, preserve and perpetuate traditional techniques, training and human subject matter for our culture, our society and posterity.

The ARC defines a "living master" as one who has the rare talent, experience and expertise to create great humanistic works of art that are seemingly executed with effortless perfection. One who has been trained under the rigorous academic principles of Realism, and mastered every parameter and nuance of great painting or sculpture. Some have been fortunate enough to have trained as an apprentice to a master, or study at an atelier or school outside of today's colleges and Universities that have abandoned centuries of proven artistic principles and values. With proper instruction so very difficult to find, some have trained themselves through books and countless visits to museums for intensive studies of what has been done before them. We applaud these artists, who through their heartfelt dedication have overcome the adverse effects of the modern movement. They, and the others we have yet to add to our site, are the greatest artists alive at this time. Many of them have yet to do their greatest works, but we are proud and delighted to exhibit for you their finest works to date, and to regularly add new works as they become available.

Amazingly, we at the center of this storm have happily discovered that there is truly great talent alive and well in the world. We have painstakingly identified as many of them as we can within the constraints of an educational charity with limited funding, and we are incredibly proud to present them to our many website visitors.

Below, we present to you, our ARC Living Artists™ and Living Masters™ in reverse alphabetical order, and we feel confident that each and every visitor to our Approved Artists™ and Living Masters™ gallery will have 4 or 5 favorites. Eventually we will not shrink from making hard qualitative judgments, but for the present we will be content to present them for your consideration.

We currently have three classifications for ARC artists:
ARCLA - ARC Living Artist™
ARCALM - ARC Associate Living Master™
ARCLM - ARC Living Master™
To read definitions on the artist classifications, please click here.

Following is a thumbnail of one of each of their best works of art, which is a hyperlink that you can click to enter their more complete galleries here at the ARC. If you are interested in purchasing a work, having one commissioned, or seeing what they may have available, write us at info@artrenewal.org and we'll be happy to contact the artists on your behalf. Any commissions earned by ARC are added 100% to our Scholarship or Salon fund.

To view demonstrations and video interviews with many of these artists, click here.

For Information on how to apply to be an ARC Living Artist™ or Living Master™
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Artist Index
Anara Abzhanova ARCLA
Ali Ghassan Al-Zobaede ARCALM
Alain Amar ARCLA
Michael John Angel ARCLM
George Angelini ARCLA
Laurie Anspach ARCLA
Juliette Aristides ARCLM
Eric Armusik ARCALM
Igor V. Babailov ARCLM
Garin Baker ARCALM
Allan R. Banks ARCLM
Elizabeth Barden ARCALM
Julie Bell ARCLM
Alan Merris Bell ARCLA
David Michael Bowers ARCLM
Paul Brown ARCLM
Roger Dale Brown ARCALM
Mary Ross Buchholz ARCALM
Robin Buick ARCLM
Scott Burdick ARCLM
John Buxton ARCLM
Svetlana Cameron ARCALM
Dario Campanile ARCALM
David Andrew Nishita Cheifetz ARCALM
Albert Yi-Fu Chen ARCLA
James Childs ARCLM
Donald Clapper ARCALM
Jacob Collins ARCLM
Andrew Sterrett Conklin ARCLM
Ed Copley ARCALM
Mary Jane Q Cross ARCALM
Carla D'aguanno ARCALM
Marcos Damascena ARCALM
Angela Mia De La Vega ARCLM
Patrick Devonas ARCLM
Marina Dieul ARCLM
Shaun Downey ARCLM
Stuart Dunkel ARCLA
Janice Edelman ARCLA
Martin Eichinger ARCLM
Virgil Elliott ARCLM
Luis Jose Estremadoyro ARCLM
Philippe Faraut ARCLM
Peter Fiore ARCLM
Faripour Forouhar ARCLA
Joke Frima ARCLM
Tina Garrett ARCALM
Gilberto Geraldo ARCLM
Daniel F. Gerhartz ARCLM
Donato Giancola ARCLM
Max Ginsburg ARCLM
Stephen Gjertson ARCLM
Jesse Gledhill ARCLA
Arina Gordienko ARCALM
Adrian Gottlieb ARCLM
Daniel Graves ARCLM
Daniel E. Greene ARCLM
James Gurney ARCLM
Clark Gussin ARCLA
Elaine Hahn ARCLA
Steve Hanks ARCLM
Gordon Hanley ARCLM
David Hardy ARCLM
George Hartley ARCLA
Jeff Hein ARCLM
Gregory Hildebrandt ARCLM
John Joseph Hunn ARCLA
Maureen Hyde ARCLM
Ted Seth Jacobs ARCLM
Jason Patrick Jenkins ARCALM
David Jermann ARCALM
Joel Carson Jones ARCLM
Jane Jones ARCALM
Michelle Jung ARCALM
Svetlana Kanyo ARCLA
Thomas Kegler ARCALM
Debra Keirce ARCLA
Scott Kennedy ARCALM
Erik Koeppel ARCLM
Wang Kun ARCLM
Charlene Helfend Lane ARCLA
Joshua LaRock ARCLM
Bryan Larsen ARCALM
Jeffrey T. Larson ARCLM
Urban Larsson ARCALM
Steven J Levin ARCLM
Dana Levin ARCALM
Robert Liberace ARCLM
He Lihuai ARCLM
Jeremy Lipking ARCLM
Edward Little ARCALM
Benjamin Franklin Long IV ARCLM
Mark Lovett ARCALM
Jerry Luisi ARCALM
Richard MacDonald ARCLM
Gayle Madeira ARCLA
Arantzazu Martinez ARCLM
Frank Mason ARCLM
Ann James Massey ARCLM
Marvin Mattelson ARCLM
Joseph McGurl ARCLM
Juan Medina ARCALM
Mary Minifie ARCLM
Terje Adler Mork ARCALM
Ann Morton ARCLA
Sivananda Nyayapathi ARCLA
Vala Ola ARCLM
Mikel Olazabal ARCALM
Marci Oleszkiewicz ARCLM
Heidi Palmer ARCALM
Jon Boe Paulsen ARCALM
Carrie Pearce ARCLA
Mary Pettis ARCLM
Gabriel Picart ARCALM
Leszek Piotrowski ARCALM
John Pototschnik ARCALM
Tony Pro ARCLM
Victoria Radionova ARCLA
Oleg Radvan ARCALM
Thomas Reis ARCLM
Julio Reyes ARCLM
Kirk Richards ARCLM
Lance Richlin ARCALM
Mario A. Robinson ARCLM
Marilyn Ines Rodriguez ARCLA
Sergio Roffo ARCALM
John Rowe ARCALM
Olga Rybakova ARCALM
Anthony J. Ryder ARCLM
Cesar Santos ARCLM
Richard T Scott ARCALM
Ekaterina Vassilenko Searcy ARCLA
Dmitry Sevryukov ARCLM
Steven Christopher Seward ARCLM
Nelson Shanks ARCLM
Han-Wu Shen ARCLM
Duffy Sheridan ARCLM
Ardith Starostka ARCLM
Daniel Martin Stephanian ARCLA
Jeremiah Stermer ARCALM
Vicki Sullivan ARCALM
Dan Thompson ARCLM
Carol Lee Thompson ARCLA
Hsin-Yao Tseng ARCLM
Boris Vallejo ARCLM
Gezien van de Riet ARCALM
James Van Fossan ARCALM
Anthony J. Waichulis ARCLM
Yuqi Wang ARCLM
Jiaming Wang ARCLA
Sammy Watson ARCLA
Jeffrey Watts ARCLM
Patricia Watwood ARCLM
Morgan Weistling ARCLM
William Whitaker ARCLM
Richard Wheeler Whitney ARCLM
Shane Wolf ARCLM
Anna Wypych ARCLM
Orley Ypon ARCLM
Yang Yu-Tang ARCALM
Xiang Zhang ARCALM
Kailin Zhao ARCLM
Doug Zider ARCALM

ARC Living Artist™
Favorite Winter
Private collection

Added: 2013-05-07
Favorite Winter

ARC Associate Living Master™
An Elderly Woman from Southern Iraq
Oil on canvas
80 x 60 cm
(31½" x 23.62")
Private collection

Added: 2015-03-06
An Elderly Woman from Southern Iraq

ARC Living Artist™
Mediterranean Dreamlike Nonchalance
Oil on canvas
65 x 46 cm
(25.59" x 18.11")
Private collection

Added: 2017-07-31
Mediterranean Dreamlike Nonchalance
Download: HI-RES image

ARC Living Master™
Male Nude
Oil on canvas
43 x 24 cm
(16.93" x 9.45")
Private collection

Male Nude

ARC Living Artist™
Autumn Light
Oil on canvas
50.8 x 40.64 cm
(20" x 16")
Private collection

Added: 2016-10-25
Autumn Light
Download: HI-RES image

ARC Living Artist™
Laughing Girls
Oil on Canvas
76.2 x 121.92 cm
(30" x 48")
Private collection

Added: 2016-02-16
Laughing Girls

ARC Living Master™
Oil on panel
63.5 x 76.2 cm
(25" x 30")
Private collection

Added: 2012-05-02
Download: HI-RES image

ARC Associate Living Master™
Agony in the Garden
Oil on birch
60.96 x 91.44 cm
(24" x 36")
Collection of the Artist

Added: 2016-12-07
Agony in the Garden
Download: HI-RES image

ARC Living Master™
Portrait of President George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States of America
Oil on canvas
76.2 x 76.2 cm
(30" x 30")
Private collection

Added: 2003-01-07
Portrait of President George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States of America

ARC Associate Living Master™
Oil on wood panels
274.32 x 762 cm
(108" x 300")
Private collection

Added: 2012-10-03
Download: HI-RES image

ARC Living Master™
The Blue Silk Scarf
Oil on canvas
Public collection

Added: 2007-12-06
The Blue Silk Scarf

ARC Associate Living Master™
Dayle Jordan
Acrylic on linen
56 x 46 cm
(22.05" x 18.11")
Private collection

Added: 2017-05-15
Dayle Jordan
Download: HI-RES image

ARC Living Master™
Private collection

Added: 2013-07-10

ARC Living Artist™
Classic Venice
Dry brush and oil on panel
45.72 x 60.96 cm
(18" x 24")
Private collection

Added: 2016-12-02
Classic Venice
Download: HI-RES image

ARC Living Master™
Waiting for Spring
oil on linen
45.72 x 30.48 cm
(18" x 12")
Private collection

Waiting for Spring

ARC Living Master™
Self Portrait
Private collection

Added: 2013-01-15
Self Portrait
Download: HI-RES image